Sunday, 14 April 2013

DIY: Dot pillow case

I am a big fan of homewares on pintrest and just looking them up on the internet in general. I came across these sweet looking dot pillows and imediatly had to have them.

Step one: Find a material you like. I choose a small dot to break up the block colours that seem to already have made their way to my bed. 
Measure out a pillow case you already own and don't forget to include extra for a cover flap and seem allowance( I do have to say that I just made up this pattern so its not the neatest of things)

I folded and ironed down the cover flap for my pillow and the hems to be a neat finish

    The image above shows my hemming before sewing the sides together.

    Sew up the sides folding the cover flap so it  will eventually sit inside the pillow, when you turn it inside out

My new black dot pillow against the saffron linen on that already sits on my bed.

The cover flap was a little difficult but the cases look fine in the end. You can also overlock the excess but I am not in possession of an overlocker so I didn't bother.

I'm really happy with the final product and because I chose cotton they are really nice to sleep on.

Good luck with your own pillow cases.

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