Monday, 26 January 2015


For the first time in my life last year I spent it mending a broken heart. I could never have imagined being so blinded by love until it happened. He was my one and only it was us against the world, he was my dream, a man who I felt I was walking toward in the darkness, until he shone a light on my life. I cherished every moment in his arms relishing his adoration for me and mine for him, but like most things it didn't last.

If you were to asked me to define the idea I couldn't. It fell apart faster than I could hold it together. I still feel and live in the pain and memories most days, I dream if him most nights, his voice that would calm me, his arms that would wrap around my waist and keep me safe, small nicknames and smells that linger behind. The experience has made me more compassionate and understanding than I have ever been before, but I feel there is a piece of me that will never be recovered and I put it down to my open and lively heart.
 I never want to feel more or less pain than I do. To feel things so deeply takes courage and strength and I am better for it. To all lovers lost, Im still wishing you the best even if you are not in my life anymore. Life is complicated.

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