Friday, 24 May 2013

Tiffany and the Autumn leaves

Its finally Autumn! yay, (when really its been winter for about a month). I drove past the most beautiful line of yellow, orange leaved tree and in the next instant I was on the phone to Tiffany (my best friend from high school)  to do a portrait shoot. The dog, not hers just a friendly dog from the neighbourhood.

Monday, 20 May 2013

DIY: Felt ball garland

I have been admiring felt ball garlands around town for awhile now and then my creative brain kicked into action and started to think about making one.

First step I ordered some felt balls online for about $10 including postage, but I did find some tutorials on making them if you wanted to.

To make the felt ball garland is super easy all you need is a strong thread in any colour, a thick needle and felt balls.

So to start I sorted out the felt balls into a colour order that I wanted them to go in and then I just thread the needle through each one spacing them an even distance apart and tying a knot at the start and finish. You have the option to tie knots inbetween each ball but I felt it wasn't necessary because they seemed to stay where I placed them on the string even when hung up.

I ordered 50 felt balls and made about 3 meters of garland to hang above my bedroom window.

I really think it makes a cute colourful easy DIY addition to my otherwise plain window.

Friday, 17 May 2013


I just took a bold step and entered the see me exposure competition for 2013 to win an exhibition in NYC a place I have been urged to go to many times. Fingers crossed that I am least loved by the people. 
You can enter the competition or at least check out the prizes to be won here:

or you can vote for my profile here:

The first two images are from the competition and the last few are some of the images that I entered.

Hope you enjoy.

Beastman and Phibs In Our Nature

A few weeks ago now I went to see a collaboration of two street artists Beastman and Phibs. This is what I saw..... bold colours, shapes that emulated nature. clean lines and the smell of spray paint. "In our nature"

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Luke and Leah's Circus

On the weekend this lovely newley wed couple turned 30 (how cute their birthday's are only two days apart). To celebrate the event they choose to have a circus themed party and both dressed up a clouns. The night was filled with so much colour and imagination, one of the party guests even dressed up as a kissing booth. They decorated the place with balloons, stripy straws, fairyfloss machine, hand made signs and the best circus tent cake (made by Cake Dream