Thursday, 2 May 2013

30th Invitations

I seem to always want to tackle projects on my own, so this year for the big 30 birthday I decided to design my own invites. There is something to be said about leaving it to professionals though as a DIY designing and printing your own invites can be time consuming and sometimes only marginally cheaper.

I started with a venue and a theme in mind then designed the invites around these ideas. (Vintage glamour with a modern twist)

Having always been obsessed with fonts and images it was so hard to decided exactly what I was going to do. I wanted the invitation to be lushious and elegant, but I also had to take into consideration the extent of what I could print on a inkjet printer. I soon figured out that the black card with gold font was not going to work so I choose a white textured card with black ink. Inspiration also came from the long dresses and dapper suits of the glamourous.

This post is about the inspiration......... as I plan on keeping the invite a secret until the big day.

(All of the images in this post were found on the internet or on pintrest. Some of them can even be purchased as pre designed invites off etsy)

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