Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 The year that was....

Personally I had a huge year this year.

I accomplished all of my New Years resolutions, including taking time to invest in myself and my mental well being, travelling for three months of the year to some of the most outstanding places I have ever seen. I witnessed my brother getting married in the summer sun on lake Zurich, ate pizza on the canals of Venice, road bikes and drank wine on a road trip around the south of France, partied in 24 hour day light in the majestic scenes of Iceland, got tattooed in Amsterdam, spent my birthday eating waffles and drinking dark beir in Belgium and scoured the streets of Berlin for street art.

I improved my french in Paris thanks to two of my friends georgeous girls and had fun at a masquerade ball at one of the oldest pubs in Paris. I got to visit the Opera Garnier and stand in wonderment under the gold ceilings of the grand ball room.

I lost friends, found friends and caught up with people who I haven't seen in years half way across the world to realise time doesn't change true friendships. I've watched friends and family grow, change and bring new life into this world. I met Miles, Charlie, Louis, Nieve and Syke in the first year of their life.

I completed a personal photography project and took 52 Portraits and enjoyed the conversation and faces that came with that, I photographed a wedding for great friends in Perth and caught up with my A-team on the other side of Australia.

I finally got one of my images on the cover of a magazine and I moved to Melbourne.

Everything I have experienced has been so profound and has changed me. I will never be the same person I was yesterday and I love the possibilities.

The best advice I got given was that no one is holding you back except yourself and holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Thank you to everyone I have come across who has shown me so much love and made me believe in the world again when I have been so disillusioned in the past.

I hope you look back for a moment and appreciate all the things you have achieved in a year be them big or small and then look forward to another year of life.

I wish you all love and luck in 2015, I feel its going to be another big year "your year"

Monday, 3 November 2014



                                                  By: Tim Bontan At: http://www.bijdevleet.nl/





I have always had a huge admiration for writers from books to graffiti and at the moment I am in awe of handwritten inky texts. Fonts that flow, type that brightens my day and takes me back to summer from a few descriptive words. The words on the page are eased even when insulting and can be full of inspiration that fit together like pen and paper.I love the way the words connect and create stand alone art.

There is so much talent out there, I find myself constantly scrolling through pintrest, stopping in the street to admire old signage or even keeping wedding invitations and hand written notes (which pile up as stacks of paper on every surface available)

When I was at school I use to practice my handwriting before starting the school year, I felt it said alot about me and it defined how my year would be. I still take my handwriting seriously and see it as an art form. Just got to keep practicing. Happy creating folks.