Monday, 20 May 2013

DIY: Felt ball garland

I have been admiring felt ball garlands around town for awhile now and then my creative brain kicked into action and started to think about making one.

First step I ordered some felt balls online for about $10 including postage, but I did find some tutorials on making them if you wanted to.

To make the felt ball garland is super easy all you need is a strong thread in any colour, a thick needle and felt balls.

So to start I sorted out the felt balls into a colour order that I wanted them to go in and then I just thread the needle through each one spacing them an even distance apart and tying a knot at the start and finish. You have the option to tie knots inbetween each ball but I felt it wasn't necessary because they seemed to stay where I placed them on the string even when hung up.

I ordered 50 felt balls and made about 3 meters of garland to hang above my bedroom window.

I really think it makes a cute colourful easy DIY addition to my otherwise plain window.

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